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Hollow Metal Utensils

Hollow Metal Utensils

The Hollow Metal Utensils, which we offer, are artifacts. We make use of the simplest technique for constructing the Hollow Metal Utensils by joining pieces of sheet metal altogether, using quality solder, rivets, etc. The simplest Hollow Metal Utensils is riveted bucket. ‘Raising’ is a technique for producing Hollow Metal Utensils in malleable metals, silver and copper. This technique dates back to 3rd century. A proper disk of sheet metal is shaped into hollow form by striking (with hammer) it over on an anvil or a stake. The constant blows of hammer spirals the metal from the center of the convex side. These metals have hammer marks that are later removed with the aid of a smooth, blandishing hammer.

Why Our Hollow Metal Utensils?
  • Smooth finish
  • High strength
  • Durable
  • Priced reasonably